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General Manager




As the General Manager, you are the guru of all and overseer of the complete operations. You have your finger on the pulse of the business with a 5 star understanding of each level of management to inspire the best from your team. From route setting to coaching programs, to birthday parties to facility maintenance; you possess the knowledge to make sound business decisions for the highest customer satisfaction. You will work closely and report to the owners to implement business goals and execute them with the support of your management team and other key stakeholders. You will manage general expenses and maximize revenue streams throughout the fiscal calendar. You will analyze, review and report to ensure the highest level of quality is achieved. As the GM. you are mature, critical, charismatic, humble and kind. You are the face of the business and an ambassador away from the business. You will conduct your self in a personable professional manner knowing your actions will always be a reflection of Aspire Climbing Whitby. You will lead by example with a growth mindset. You will challenge your team, providing the tools and support to achieve success for the highest job satisfaction.

With the experience and expertise that you bring to this position, you have the opportunity to have a positive influence on a new and thriving community in Whitby. You will be on the vanguard of inspiring a new generation of climbers and ninjas. Through your charisma and care, you will build a solid team of key managers to support the pillars of Aspire; the people, the products and the programs. You will learn and lead with an understanding of how to best introduce these pillars. You will execute, monitor, evaluate and adjust as needed to ensure the best sustainable business practices for your market. 

As the GM, you are the customer-facing "the buck stops with you" face of the business. You will consult with the owners to understand their business tenants to be an extension of their decision making. This is to ensure that the role of the GM becomes an intuitive position. To arm you with the best information possible for your confidence in job performance and satisfaction. 

"We aspire to be more than we are; to see more, to give more, to do more."

This is Aspire; and these words live in your everyday actions as a team leader. 


  • You will communicate and uphold Aspire Climbing standards to customers and staff

  • You possess admin-level proficiency of Rock Gym Pro Data Entry, POS, Check-In and Calendar modules to leverage tools and maximize business efficiency

  • You will manage efforts to maintain the brand image of best in class customer service, programs, offerings and facility

  • You will lead by example: manage a safe, clean, friendly and well-maintained environment

  • You will build your team and oversee the hiring and firing to maintain excellent team dynamics and work culture

  • You will support member retention by advocating the best customer experiences through service and operational process

  • You will develop staff for expertise in service, sales and operational requirements

  • You will manage the facility maintenance schedule and coordinate work with your team and required external vendors to minimize unnecessary expenses

  • You will manage external vendors and suppliers for the inventory of operational supplies and resale items like gear, snacks and refreshments

  • You will develop, collaborate and learn from the management team to cultivate continued progression through each area of responsibility

  • You will prepare monthly and quarterly reports for the owners and provide insights to trends and observations within the business and the greater industry

  • You will continually optimize operations and customer service processes

  • You will handle other management duties as assigned 


  • You will lead staff communications with weekly operations updates

  • You will manage customer communications through social media channels, E-Newsletters and minor website updates

  • You will manage and maintain customer email lists for targeted remarketing efforts

  • You will lead and manage special events and community marketing opportunities

  • You will handle other communications duties as assigned


  • Front desk responsibilities which may include opening or closing duties

  • Proficiency in Mircosoft Office applications, general computer knowledge and internet services

  • Attendance and participation in trade shows, seminars or clinics for professional and personal development

  • Manage, prioritize, delegate and supervise

  • Ability to work nights/weekends

  • Be organized and detail-oriented

  • Be punctual and reliable

  • Be the best version of yourself at Aspire and inspire the best from your team!


  • You are an advanced climber with 4+ years of experience

  • You have 4+yrs in a facility management role

  • You have extensive experience in hospitality, customer service and retail

  • You are not averse to doing what it takes to get the job done

  • You are comfortable working at heights with ladders and/or ropes

  • You have excellent computer skills to manage communications and reporting tools



Applicants must have a strong work ethic, must be efficient and able to work on a reliable schedule. Applicants should have a positive attitude, be quick problem solvers, and must work well with others. Climbing experience is required. Applicants must be willing to learn and further develop and improve customer service and overall climbing skills. Aspire is willing to train high-value candidates.

Full-time position. Regular availability is desired. Weekend availability may be required. 

Staff must be able to perform manual labour, including working at height. Staff must be comfortable with lifting objects up to roughly 50 pounds. Vulnerable sector check required.


Successful applicants will be contacted for an interview.

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