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Head Route Setter | High-Performance Coach 




As the Head Route Setter, you are the Product Manager of Aspire Climbing. You are responsible for leading the route setting team in the creation of sick climbing that inspires, challenges and teaches innovative movements and techniques to new and veteran climbers. You are the headmaster of our Five Star Factory, ensuring that each-and-every climb and boulder problem receives the highest level of attention, scrutiny and detail that keeps our customers coming back for more. You will work with the General Manager to maintain a healthy route setting distribution and rotation schedule that is in sync with customer demographics and holidays, events and school schedules. You will coordinate with Program Managers and Coordinators to ensure route setting distribution meets the needs of our climbing programs and development requirements. You will work with the General Manager and Head Coach to grow your management and teaching skills, to mentor and train the next generation of aspiring route setters and coaches. You will maintain an organized and efficient route setting infrastructure which includes but is not limited to: hold storage, setting gear storage, ninja obstacles, climbing volumes, tools, hold washing and safety materials.

As the High-Performance Coach, you are an ambassador and representative of the performance gains that are achievable through hard work, dedication and training. You will lead Team and Elite athletes and customers who seek performance gains in their climbing development. You will continue to educate yourself, grow your experience and seek new and innovative coaching techniques and apply to Aspire Climbing’s program offerings which include, but are not limited to Team, Elite and Crave. You will guide and mentor future climbing coaches and pass down your knowledge and experience. You will document and maintain a Team and Elite training program that consists of a 9-month training cycle that includes, but is not limited to: preseason conditioning, bouldering, top-rope climbing, lead climbing, strength, core and flexibility training.


Finally, you will maintain a high standard of experience and safety at Aspire Climbing. You are responsible for managing the maintenance of our fixed assets and safety systems subject to wear and tear. This includes implementation of Maintenance Monday’s where facility maintenance work and safety inspections and logbook updates may be performed. You will manage Warrior Wednesdays and perform or coordinate safety inspections of ninja and obstacle courses. Updates, issues and findings will be reported to the General Manager to ensure the highest standards of safety are maintained at Aspire Climbing


  • Manage, coordinate and perform route setting duties ensuring our 5-star standard is maintained throughout the route setting team

  • Manage, coordinate and delegate route setting duties to ensure the team produces products that are required

  • Manage and maintain route setting distribution and rotation schedule in collaboration with General Manager, Head Coach, Program Manager and Program Coordinators

  • Take a leadership role in special events and competition ensuring 5-star objectives are achieved for customers and competitors

  • Develop and train new route setters inspiring productivity, creativity and quality in the next generation

  • Optimize, manage and maintain an organized and efficient route setting storage space and hold washing station

  • Maintain future route setting budget ensuring high-quality climbing holds, volumes and tools are available to enhance product selection and quality

  • Lead by example: manage a safe, clean, friendly and well-maintained environmentOther program management duties as assigned


  • Along with your coaching team, develop, train and motivate Team and Elite athletes, coaches and customers seeking gains in climbing performance, fitness and skills

  • Educate and enhance your coaching skills and develop coaches to uphold the highest standards of coaching and professionalism

  • Seek new coaching techniques and theories that can be leveraged to improve the standard of development at Aspire Climbing

  • Document and maintain a Team and Elite training manual that includes a complete 9-month training cycle

  • Travel for competitions in the OCF, CEC and beyond to support your athletes


  • Front desk responsibilities which may include opening or closing duties as required

  • Rock Gym Pro proficiency to maintain customer data information, POS transactions and calendar functions

  • Attend trade shows, seminars or clinics for professional and personal development

  • Manage, prioritize, delegate and supervise

  • Ability to work nights/weekends

  • Be organized and detail-oriented

  • Be punctual and reliable

  • Be the best version of yourself at Aspire!


Skilled climber and route setter with a minimum of 3 years of experience in a commercial climbing facility

  • You possess advanced technical climbing skills with the ability to climb and set V8/5.12+

  • You are a well-rounded setter possessing both bouldering and route setting capabilities

  • You are comfortable working at heights with ladders and/or ropes

  • You are creative and inventive to produce climbs that look and climb awesome

  • You are detail-oriented with excellent time management skills independently and within team efforts


Technical climbing coach with a minimum of 1 year of experience

  • You are a technician that understands movement with the ability to instruct basic and advanced skills to various age groups and skill levels

  • You are a learner, seeking new methods for coaching, training and development



  • You are mature and professional with a commitment to a career path as a commercial route setter and climbing coach

  • You are proficient at top-rope and lead climbing

  • You have previous experience working with youth

  • You are fun, outgoing, positive and kind with the ability to bring out the best in others 

  • You are flexible, eager to learn and willing to adapt to new responsibilities

  • You demonstrate initiative, with the ability to identify and solve problems

  • You are safety oriented, with the ability to uphold rules and policies for the safety of self and others 

  • You possess basic computer skills


Applicants must have a strong work ethic, must be efficient and able to work on a reliable schedule. Applicants should have a positive attitude, be quick problem solvers, and must work well with others. Climbing experience is required. Applicants must be willing to learn and further develop and improve customer service and overall climbing skills. Aspire is willing to train high-value candidates.

Full-time position. Regular availability is desired. Weekend availability may be required. 

Staff must be able to perform manual labour, including working at height. Staff must be comfortable with lifting objects up to roughly 50 pounds. Vulnerable sector check required.


Successful applicants will be contacted for an interview.

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