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Customer Service | Ninja Coach


Aspire Climbing is a dynamic, multi-faceted full-service climbing gym. Our Customer Service Team wear several hats as hospitality specialists, climbing instructors, belayers and risk management officers. We value outgoing, friendly, confident and capable people with varied backgrounds and skillsets. Reliability, attention to detail, strong communication skills, initiative and leadership by example are valued criteria for our staff. Applicants must enjoy climbing in any form and enjoy working in a family-friendly environment. Top-rope climbing and bouldering experience necessary. Lead climbing experience is an asset but not required.



  • Provide excellent customer service

  • Must possess fundamental climbing skills; ability to belay, tie a figure-8 knot, and basic/advanced climbing techniques

  • Confidence, assertiveness and leadership working with children and adults

  • Strong communication to provide high-quality one-on-one or group instruction

  • Protect our customers and staff by enforcing gym policies and procedures

  • Communicate effectively with the ability to command focus and attention while providing belay instruction and safety orientations

  • Be adaptable and coachable  

  • Answer phones, take messages, schedule parties/groups, register students/participants for classes/clinics/events

  • Maintain a clean and organized gym environment for all patrons and staff

  • Operate a cash register and computerized point-of-sale (POS) system

  • Maintain knowledge of pricing, programs and services


Applicants must have a strong work ethic, must be efficient and able to work on a reliable schedule. Applicants should have a positive attitude, be quick problem solvers, and must work well with others. Climbing experience is required. Applicants must be willing to learn and further develop and improve customer service and overall climbing skills. Aspire is willing to train high-value candidates.

Part-time hours available. Regular availability is desired. Weekend availability is a must; three weekends per month required. General evening availability is a plus.

Staff must be able to perform manual labour, including working at height. Staff must be comfortable with lifting objects up to roughly 50 pounds. Vulnerable sector check required.


Successful applicants will be contacted for an interview.

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