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Bring your gently used climbing, camping and outdoor gear to swap or sell. 

Drop off your gear between November 1st & 2nd and set your price. If your item sells, choose between 100% gym credit or 80% cash back. Unsold items not picked up by November 8th will be donated to charity.




Accepted items include: 

  • Climbing gear (shoes, harnesses, carabiners, etc.)

  • Camping gear (tents, chairs, stoves, etc.)

  • Outdoor gear (technical footwear, clothing, packs, etc.)

“Like new” condition is highly recommended for selling success! We reserve the right to refuse items deemed unsafe or unsellable.

Climbing Gear Swap at Aspire Climbing Milton Ontario

Used Gear Drop-Off
November 1st & 2nd

Climbing Gear Swap at Aspire Climbing Milton Ontario

Gear Swap F.A.Q.

When can I drop off my gear? 

You can drop off gently used gear for the swap today, November 1st, to November 2nd. 


What gear is accepted in the swap?

We are accepting used climbing gear such as shoes, harnesses, carabiners, and other related items. Don't bring used rope or safety equipment with visible wear and tear. These items will not be accepted into the swap.


Will there be used climbing shoes?

Yes! This is a great opportunity to bring in climbing shoes that no longer fit and give them a second life with another climber. The number of shoes available will greatly depend on our community contributions however, this will be a seasonal event that will grow in time. 


How do I set the price?

Rather than selling items on Kijiji or FB Marketplace, this is your opportunity to sell within our community. Think, what is the item worth to you? Do a bit of research and assign a price to sell. The prices will be fixed so no haggling. 


How do I purchase something from the swap? 

Bring CASH! Swap items sold will not go through our till so cash sales only. Debit, Apple Pay, or credit cards are NOT accepted for the swap.


What happens if my gear sells?

On Monday, November 6th, all swap contributors will be contacted to inform if items have sold or not. If your item has sold, you have a choice of 100% gym credit which can be used against any product service or offering at Aspire Milton. If cash is chosen, you will receive 80% cash available for pick-up that night.  


What happens if my gear doesn't sell?

If your item has not sold, you must pick it up by Wednesday, November 8th, otherwise, it will be donated or discarded. If you are unable to pick up by this date, please email us for other arrangements. 


If you have questions we haven't answered, please contact us!

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