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Each Aspire facility has something unique to offer. Our Milton and Whitby locations offer a range of rock climbing which includes bouldering, top-roping, leading climbing and auto-belays. 

In addition, these facilities feature ninja warrior courses, just like the TV shows which include, truss-frames with modular hanging obstacles, full padded protection, ground-based agility obstacles and yes, a warped wall up to 16ft tall.

Both climbing and ninja are maintained and reset regularly to offer new challenges to keep things fresh with every visit.


Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing comes in many forms. Each is accessible to all ability levels and ages. Climbs range in difficulty and allow everyone to progress at their own pace. Climbing is truly for everyone. You don't need to be strong to do it. Strength, agility, balance and flexibility develop naturally with each route or boulder problem. Learn more about the various forms of climbing. Your climbing journey starts now.

Ninja Warrior

Made popular by the American Ninja Warrior show, ninja is a dynamic sport that incorporates obstacle challenges through various truss frames, soft play obstacles and more. Make no mistake, ninja warrior is challenging and the best way to get started is through climbing to develop grip strength and agility. 


Pay Per Visit, Memberships and Punch Cards

We offer many options to suit how frequently you visit. 

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