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Ninja Showdown 5
Canadian Ninja League - Stage 1

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It's time for the Showdown!

The second stop in a three-part series this year... Yes, after a successful turnout of over 120 Ninjas at the last Showdown, we're striving for another mind-blowing atmosphere that sparks competition and excitement! Make sure to sign up for the Stage I multi-course event and gain your qualifying spot for Stage II so that you can start paving your way to Nationals 2023!


The fifth-ever Showdown will be a special event. So many amazing athletes will get to compete on two MTB special courses. A speed course to test your efficiency and technique while pushing your limit against the clock. A hybrid course to test your endurance, balance and upper body strength by going through a variety of thrilling obstacles.

  • All Ninjas competing must have a NinjaWorks Athlete ID

  • Ninjas do not need a CNL membership to compete but MUST have a NinjaWorks ID

  • Ninjas wanting to qualify for the CNL Nationals must have a CNL Membership

  • Spectator tickets available


The fifth ever Showdown will be a special event and with the sport growing at a rapid rate, you will see some of the most impressive Canadian Ninjas competing together against the ultimate Ninja course!

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Event Schedule (Updated May 25)

Saturday, May 27th 

8:00am - Kids Check-in (17 Competitors)

8:30am - Walkthrough of both courses

9:15am - Wave 1

9:45am - Wave 2

10:30am - Podium


11:00am - Mature Kids Check-in (17 Competitors)

11:30am - Walkthrough of both courses

12:15pm - Wave 1

1:00pm - Wave 2

1:45pm - Podium

2:00pm - Adults & Masters Check-in (11 Competitors)

2:30pm - Walkthrough N.T.A

3:15pm - Wave 1

4:00pm - Walkthrough Ninja Course

4:45pm - Wave 2

5:30pm - Podium

Sunday, May 28th 

8:00am - Pre-Teens Check-in (23 Competitors)

8:30am - Walkthrough of both courses

9:30am - Wave 1

10:15am - Wave 2

11:30am - Podium

12:00pm - Teens & Young Adult Females Check-in (20 Competitors)

12:30pm - Walkthrough of both courses

1:15pm - Wave 1

2:00pm - Wave 2

3:00pm - Podium

2:30pm - Young Adult Males & Pros Check-in (11 Competitors)

3:30pm - Walkthrough N.T.A

4:15pm - Wave 1

5:00pm - Walkthrough Ninja Course

5:30pm - Wave 2

6:15pm - Podium

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Important Information

  • All Ninjas competing must have a NinjaWorks Athlete ID

  • Ninjas do not need a CNL membership to compete, but MUST have a NinjaWorks ID

  • Ninjas can only qualify for Nationals if previously qualified through a Stage I event and have already purchased a CNL Membership

  • All Ninjas must have an understanding of the CNL Rulebook

  • Check out the current CNL Leaderboard 2022-2023

  • Spectator tickets are available for $5


$70 +tax

Registration closes on May 16th.

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Matt The Bat Productions

One of the biggest influencers of Ninja in Canada. From beginning the League of Ninjas program inside Aspire to leading the biggest team of Canadian athletes to the National Ninja World Finals, two years In a row. Matt The Bat is all about commitment and pushing yourself to the best you can be!


Event Photography

Event photography will be offered by our very own Joë Layno. Visit his website for more details. 

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