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Classes, workshops and sessions for ladies

Intro Classes for Women

Our Learn to Boulder Introductory class is a 1.5 hour technique lesson for women and non-binary individuals who are age 16 and up. It’s a time to learn, share beta and gather together in a positive, welcoming and productive environment. 


You will learn fundamental movements on the wall, foot technique, strength & conditioning and more.  

You’ll also get a 2 week complimentary membership, auto-belay orientation & gear rentals. 


Open Climb & Workshops

Our Open Climb night are for women and non-binary individuals to meet and climb together in a friendly and supportive space. Sessions will typically begin with a guided warm-up and small workshop and the rest of the time is dedicated to climbing together.


Open climb is offered Wednesday evenings and is FREE for members and requires a day pass for non members. 


If you’re interested in attending, please sign up below.

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What can you expect? 

  • Dedicated Female instructors to help you learn the basics or improve where you’re at.  

  • They will answer any questions you have and help guide your experience.  

  • Help you get set up with the right gear 

  • Provide a short warm up so you are set up to crush on the wall