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Prepaid Memberships

If you plan on visiting frequently, prepaid memberships are the best bang for the buck. The more you visit, the greater the value. 

1 Month
Adults $77
Students/Seniors $65
Families $59 Each Person
3 Month
Adults $219
Students/Seniors $184
Families $167 Each Person
6 Month
Adults $402
Students/Seniors $338
Families $305 Each Person
12 Month
Adults $700
Students/Seniors $600
Families $569 Each Person

To qualify for student rates, individuals 18+ require a valid student ID. Family rates require 3 or more family members in any combination of parents and/ or siblings. 

All rates are subject to HST and may change without notice. 

The Small Print About Your Memberships

Complimentary Guest Passes

As a perk to your *prepaid membership, active members receive one complimentary guest pass to introduce a friend or family member to Aspire Climbing.

  • Guest passes do not include lessons, orientations or gear rentals

  • Guest passes expire at the end of every 30-day cycle from the activation date of your membership

  • Guest passes are complimentary and have no monetary value for exchange or refund


Guest passes are only valid for pre-paid memberships only. Complimentary memberships provided with registrations for any programs are not entitled to this perk. 



Memberships or partial memberships are not transferable to other customers.     



Membership freezes or holds are available to individual or family pre-paid memberships, 6 months or longer, due to injury or other special circumstances that require time away. There is no charge for this service. We want you to use your time purchased in our facility. Membership freeze requests are not available at the front desk or over the phone. Requests must be made by contacting with your reason for hold and approximate time away.



Pre-paid memberships 6 months or longer may be cancelled. Please contact with your request and reason for cancellation. We will apply the lowest membership rates towards the time used and issue a refund or credit at our discretion on the remaining monetary balance.



Memberships purchased at discount sales are not eligible for freezes and extensions. 


IMPORTANT: Freezes, extensions and cancellations are not available at the front desk or over the phone. Please contact for any questions regarding your membership.



From time-to-time, season specials are available for even more savings. 

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