Established in 2015

Aspire Climbing & Fitness began as a showroom facility and headquarters for IMPACT Climbing Inc, Canada's leading climbing wall manufacturer. With an in-house testing facility for new products and ideas, IMPACT has grown and along with Aspire to create a model of success and simplicity. With a focus on the People, the Products and the Programs, Aspire Climbing Franchise was born in 2019. 

Aspire Climbing


The original testing ground for IMPACT Climbing Inc, Aspire was established in the birthplace of Ontario outdoor climbing. The limestone cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment became the reference point for Aspire's climbing grades and the inspiration for the School of Hard Rock (Nemos, Buffalos, Rattlesnakes, Kelsos). 

Aspire Climbing


Whitby was chosen as the home for the first franchise location due to its similar demographics as Milton. In addition to climbing and ninja, Whitby offers seating and cafe for visitors to feel more at home while enjoying their visit. 


Aspire Climbing


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