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We're all about development

Aspire Climbing is a centre for learning and growth. For our customers, our staff and ourselves, we promise to see more, to do more, to be more. 

It's no surprise that programs are a big part of our business. We are a place where first time experiences happen alongside competitive training with every level in-between. We offer climbing classes for all ability levels and age groups.


Pathways in Climbing

Climbing development at Aspire begins at age 4-5 depending on the individual. But a climber can start at any time. Climbing is a unique sport where 13 years can be of the same ability and skill level as a 30-year-old. Age is truly irrelevant and anyone can start climbing at any time.

School of Hard Rock

Named about the various climbing areas located within close proximity of Aspire Milton, The School of Hard Rock is our development level. Climbers are introduced to fundamental climbing skills to set the foundation for future rock stars. This program is offered in the fall, winter and spring.

Nemos (Ages 4-5)

Buffalos (Ages 6-8)

Rattlesnakes (Ages 9-10)

Kelsos (Ages 11+)



This is our advanced climbing program for climbers that demonstrate ​skills beyond the levels taught in the SOHR.  This program is offered in the fall, winter and spring. Climbers must earn their spot in Vanguard through Try-Outs before each season. This advanced-level does not require climbers to compete at climbing competitions however it's not uncommon for Vanguards to start thinking about getting started in competitive climbing. 


For climbers showing serious potential for competitive climbing, Elite bridges the gap between Vanguards and our competitive climbing team. In addition to advanced climbing skills, training, and strength conditioning, Elite athletes are taught how to be a competitive climber with strategy and preparedness. This is a 9-month program that coincides with our Team program. Athletes must Try-Out to earn a spot on Elite.



The best of the best. Our climbing team consists of athletes committed to training to perform at the local, provincial, regional and national level competitions. This is a 9-month program that follows the Ontario Climbing Federation and Climbing Escalade Canada calendars. This is a serious climbing program where athletes must Try-Out to earn a spot on the Team.


This is for adults! Not all of our programs are for youth. Crave helps you reach your potential in climbing regardless of your starting point. Follow structured points of progression with our advanced climbing coaches to help you achieve your best.

Learn to Boulder
Just $49+tax

Get started with a 1 hour introductory bouldering lesson and learn the techniques and movements to get you on the wall. Shoe rentals are complimentary along with a 2 week membership for first-timers so you can practice and boulder as much as you want. You will also receive an auto-belay orientation so you can give our auto-belays a try and get the full climbing experience.

Intro to Climbing for TWO!
$99+tax for TWO

Learn to Top Rope with an introductory belay lesson. Get started by learning how to put on a harness, tie-in and belay using a Petzl Gri-Gri. Climbing Shoe & Harness rentals are complementary along with a 30 day membership for first-timers. You will also receive an auto-belay orientation so you can give our auto-belays a try and get the full climbing experience.


Programs may vary at each location. Select your location to see which programs are offered to suit your needs.