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Developing the building blocks of hard work and perseverance.

We're all about development

Aspire Climbing is a centre for learning and growth. For our customers, our staff and ourselves, we promise to see more, to do more, to be more. 

It's no surprise that programs are a big part of our business. We are a place where first time experiences happen alongside competitive training with every level in-between. We offer ninja classes for all ability levels and age groups.


Welcome to the League of Ninjas

Nobody said ninja was easy! Ninja warrior involves upper body, core, grip strength, and it's harder than it looks. Made popular by the American Warrior TV show, those athletes make it look easy! But follow any of their training programs on social media, and you'll quickly learn that they dedicate a tremendous amount of time to hone their skills, build their strength and increase their agility.

Matt "The Bat" Hallak

The League of Ninjas was developed by Matt Hallak, our resident ninja expert. His philosophy of teaching is to build confidence and strength through kinesthetic learning that comes from practice. This program systematically breaks down the movements necessary to complete common ninja obstacles with efficiency and flow. Through focused balance, skills and technique development, increased strength and faster obstacle times are a natural result. 

For self-development, OCR training or just pure fun, the League of Ninjas will help you achieve your personal best!

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League of Ninjas Classes

Ontario's first ninja training program for all ages. 

LON 0.0 (ages 5 and under)

LON 1.0 (ages 6-9)

LON 2.0 (ages 10-13)

LON 3.0 (ages 12-15)


Private Training Sessions

Personal training & group sessions are always an option for ninjas of all ages!

Send our Ninja Specialist an email for more information.

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FEBRUARY 4 & 5, 2023

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