is Coming to Durham!

Help us bring Adaptive Climbing to Durham on June 14, 2022

We need your help in making climbing accessible to everyone.  We’re partnering up with  Aspire Corporate, The Adaptive Climbing Society, local non-profit 4ASH1L & more to launch Adaptive Climbing for all those seeking to climb, regardless of physical limitations.


Join us June 14th for a 4 hour Top Rope CLIMB-A-THON to help raise funds for and awareness of Adaptive Climbing and local charity Care4ASH1L


Care4ASH1L is a charity with a mission to foster, facilitate and accelerate research on an ultra rare mutation in ASH1L gene. Their goal is to aid, assist and promote the prerequisites crucial for pre-clinical and clinical trials which is instrumental for ASH1L researchers to find a cure for ASH1L related disorders. The lack of awareness and research makes it extremely difficult for families affected by this rare disease to get the support and help they need. Often, those affected by ASH1L mutation find indoor rock climbing as a way to provide community connection, build confidence, strengthen muscles, improve motor abilities and more.  Participating in our climb-a-thon will directly help raise funds to facilitate and leverage research for clinical trials. 


Making Climbing Accessible for Everyone!


All proceeds from online registration and on-site event sales are donated to the Adaptive Climbing Program and local charity Care4ASH1L


Non-members will need to pay for a day pass to enter the facility in addition to the Climb-a-Thon Event fee


Event Fee Cost: $15 per participant

Climb-A-Thon Time: 6pm-10pm

Climb-A-Thon Teams: 

  • Minimum of 2 ppl/team

  • Maximum of 4 ppl/team


Extra Feet Earned


For every additional dollar you raise, one foot is gained!


Spread the word, chat up your family and friends and let’s get adaptive climbing going in Durham!!!

Event Details

June 14 2022

Aspire Climbing Whitby

1400 Victoria Street East, Unit #4

Whitby, ON


In-Person Registration

  • You can register the day of the event at the gym if you don’t’ get a chance to online prior to the event.


  • Climb as many routes as possible during the 4 hours endurance challenge.

  • You’ll receive a scorecard from the front desk to keep track of how many feet you climb

  • You may not climb the same route more than 3 times


  • The Top 3 Teams who climb the most amount of feet will win some sweet climbing prize packs 

  • Prize packs will consist of gear such as rope, shoes, carabiners, quickdraws, t-shirts, hats and more

  • If your team is the grand prize winner, your team can pick your prize pack!


The event fee excludes rentals and applicable taxes apply. Climbers must be able to belay. Min age to participate is 13 yrs to belay and 5 yrs to climb. Day Pass fees apply for non-members. All event proceeds go towards Adaptive Climbing Program & CARE4ASH1L. Registered Trademark of Aspire Climbing & Fitness Inc.

Adaptive Climbing Meet N Greet:

Join us from 4-10 to meet The Adaptive Climbing Society and hear why Adaptive Climbing might be an option for you.  The Adaptive Climbing Society will be here to chat about what Adaptive Climbing is all about, what the benefits are, how to get started and more.


Thank you to our sponsors for making climbing more accessible!