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Developing the building blocks of hard work and perseverance.

Not Your Traditional Classroom

Our facilities are the perfect setting for an exciting field trip for your students. Rock climbing and ninja warrior offer students to experience trust, cooperation, flex their problem-solving skills along with excellent physical exercise. This will fit nicely within physical education programs and extra curricular activities.


OPASSE Approved

Our facility exceeds the Ontario Physical Safety Standards in Education for Halton District School Board and Peel District School Boards for elementary and secondary school levels.  We actively work with board regulators to maintain our position as an approved vendor for seamless integration of your field trip approval process.

All Grades and Ability Levels

Our activities are safe for all abilities and fitness levels. Physical fitness is not required to face the challenges students will learn to overcome in climbing and ninja. Experiences are scaled to each class, group or individual to maximize the experience. Anyone can do it! Although climbing and ninja are individual activities where participants face their own challenges, we stage group challenges near the end of the visit so students experience the benefits of teamwork as their cheer their classmates on through team relays.


Fully Guided Experiences

School groups are fully guided by experienced climbing and ninja coaches. This keeps students active and engaged throughout the visit, to ensure a safe visit while being given the opportunity for success.

Contact your Aspire Climbing location for rates, dates and availability.

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