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Ontario Climbing Federation Top-Rope Difficulty #1

Saturday, December 9th

After a 3 year hiatus, we are welcoming the Ontario Climbing Federation for the first Difficulty/Top-Rope qualifier for the 2023/24 season.


This is a local recreational event for categories aged 7-12.

  • Youth E | Born in 2015-2016 

  • Youth D | Born in 2013-2014 

  • Youth C | Born in 2011-2012 

Who Can Compete? 

Climbers and ninjas ages 7-12. That means program participants born between 2011-2016 in Buffalos, Rattlesnakes, Kelsos, Vanguards, League of Ninjas and EVOs can compete. 


Competition experience is not necessary  

This is a top-rope "difficulty" event. Climbers make an attempt at climbs designed specifically for their age group. Climbs are within the grade levels experienced within School of Hard Rock and League of Ninjas classes. Your child may stand a chance to be competitive against other climbers from around Ontario! This is a great way to test the waters with climbing competitions. 


Climbers do not compete head-to-head and it's not a race. Climbers are scored based on their high point before falling. Highest points are awarded for "tops" which means completing the climb in a single attempt. 


How to participate  

  1. Climbers must obtain an OCF license.

  2. Register for this event through the OCF.

  3. Inform their coach that they are competing. Competitive athletes may go through additional support to prepare them for what to expect at the event and how to prepare.

  4. Fly your Aspire Milton colours and have a blast!  

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