Low Gravity 2022

Join us the Low Gravity recreational bouldering competition on Saturday December 3 from 12pm to 7:30pm!

Aspire Climbing Vaughan offers a unique blend of indoor rock climbing and ninja warrior under one roof. We welcome drop-ins for those who want to try climbing and ninja, and we also offer memberships and a variety of programs for youth and adults. No matter what your experience level or age is, we have something perfect for you.

Plan Your Visit

We are open to both members and guests for walk-ins, however you can book a time to speed up the check-in process. First time visitors can take advantage of our intro package which includes a 1 hour lesson and a 2 week membership. If you are just looking to enjoy the facility for the day, day passes are available. Looking for more? 10-visit passes and memberships are available.


The Space

Our facility is over 20,000 sq/ft and houses 7,000+ sq/ft of climbing surface. The bouldering problems are up to 16 ft high featuring 70 degree overhangs, slab, and everything in between. Our biggest boulder will have you climbing 27 feet from start to finish with multiple angle changes! Our team sets new boulders weekly, so there will always be a new challenge when you come in. Our space also features a ninja-warrior obstacle course that is updated with new elements regularly to keep the obstacles fresh.  

The Climbing

Never climbed before? Aspire Climbing Vaughan is the perfect place to start with our knowledgeable and experienced staff. Climbing involves agility, balance, coordination, determination, creativity and problem-solving. Our bouldering problems feature a wide range of difficulty and styles, with care taken to ensure new climbers have the best experience. Our bouldering section features 2 massive islands and a wall, each with their own unique angles and challenges ranging from easy to extreme. We also have 5 auto belay stations which are 23 ft high so you can try route climbing without the need for a partner.


The Ninja Course

Unleash your inner ninja! Jumping, climbing, running, swinging, balance and coordination. No wonder Ninja Warrior has become the fastest-growing fitness segment. Our course is for adults and kids and will rotate regularly to keep you challenged. Plus, you can challenge yourself with our 10 foot and 13 foot warped walls. Our course is aluminum with interchangeable swinging elements just like the TV show - American Ninja Warrior. 

Course Closures

The Ninja Course is unavailable during our League of Ninjas classes. These currently run Monday-Wednesday from 5:00pm to 7:45pm.


On Saturdays and Sundays we sometimes have private events on the Ninja Course between 12pm and 7pm. During these events the course may be closed for approximately 45 minutes, however the rest of the gym will be available. Call ahead to confirm availability.


231 Trade Valley Dr. Unit D-F

Vaughan, ON 

Get in Touch

Phone: (905) 851-5770


Regular Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday, 3:30pm to 10pm

Friday, 12pm to 10pm

Weekends, 9am to 9pm



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Join Our Team

It's all about the people! Rock climbing is a social sport, with a welcoming community all working toward facing challenges together while building each other up. It's a shared experience where you can learn from one another while working toward getting to that next level. At Aspire Climbing Vaughan, our staff share these same values which inspire them to bring the best of indoor rock climbing, ninja & fitness to the communities of York.

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