Season 3 East End Finale

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Aspire is excited to announce the third-ever Ninja Showdown! Partnered with the Canadian Ninja League, it's with great honour to be the host of the final stage II competition before Nationals this October.


With an exciting competitive season in Canada, season three has been full of blood, sweat and tears. A season full of opportunities, perseverance and moments of glory for everyone involved, this is Canada's best year in Ninja!


Matt The Bat and the Aspire Ninjas have something special in store for everyone, with prizes, raffles and a two-staged event, you won't want to miss!


Competition Format

With 20+ obstacles, our Ninja Course and Ninja Training Area will be altered and modified specifically for this event.

The course will be designed by Matt The Bat and Young Nick, so you know it will be exciting and have some sketchy obstacles!


A variety of obstacles will challenge you in every aspect of Ninja; lower body balance, upper body strength, confidence in mobility, body awareness and controlled efficiency. How will you read the course, and how far will you make it?


Course #1 will be staged on the main Ninja course then athletes will move to the NTA (Ninja Training Area) for Course #2.

More Information

Athletes 6 and up from all across Ontario will be competing for the final placement in the leaderboard before heading to BC this October.

With the running order of the National Finals being the reverse of the leaderboard, things are heating up and you want to stay as high up as possible.


Preliminary Schedule

Saturday, September 3rd

Ages 6-8 | 8:00 am -2:00 pm

Ages 9-10 | 11:30 am - 5:00 pm

Ages 40+ | 3:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Sunday, September 4th

Ages 11-12 | 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Ages 13-17 | 11:30 am - 5:00 pm

Amateur & Pro | 3:30 pm - 10:00 pm


$70 +tax

Deadline August 26th



On behalf of our community, we thank you for your generous support!


Matt The Bat Productions

One of the biggest influencers of Ninja in Canada. From beginning the League of Ninjas program inside Aspire to leading the biggest team of Canadian athletes to the National Ninja World Finals, two years In a row. Matt The Bat is all about commitment and pushing yourself to the best you can be!

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Haze Lounge

Behind every successful restaurant is a perfect kitchen and ours is no different. We brought together a team of multicultural talent to pursue the highest quality of service. Haze offers a relaxing yet daring environment for all social outings. Haze reflects a blending of cultures with a fusion menu featuring a variety of international cuisines…


Think global comfort food. Our food has been inspired by what our guests crave the most.


Stronghold Ninja

We're a couple of ninja dads building a couple of ninja things.


While we're not out to reinvent the (fly)wheel, we strive to make the basic holds needed for ninja training accessible to everyone - with a few creative twists thrown in. Our hand-crafted, reasonably-priced holds will turn any gym or backyard course into a full-on ninja training ground.


We know this sport can be filled with disappointment, and we believe that opening a box of ninja gear should NEVER be one of them. That's why we take great care to deliver exactly what you order - an affordable, great-looking product built with safety and durability in mind, ready to hang and use immediately.


In life, there will be obstacles. But with hard work, there are no limits.


Gotham Central Comics

Gotham Central is a comics and collectibles shop in Mississauga, ON located at the corner of Dixie Rd. and Aimco Blvd. The shop doors opened on January 21st,  2012 and have since expanded to 7000 sq. ft. in 2016. Our services include the Comic Book Pull Lists and CGC Signature Series (Certified Guaranteed Company). 


Rhino Skin Solutions


Rhino's line of products focuses on the largest organ in the body, the skin. We understand what it takes to succeed. Whether it is that extra bit of nutrition, that little extra rest, or a push from a friend or competitor, Rhino will be there to keep you healthy and ready to perform.


Now you can give your skin the same care you give the rest of your body. Rhino Skin Solutions has a line up of products to strengthen, build, repair, clean and maintain the best skin environment for your activity.


Climb-On Skin Care

It’s time for us all to turn back to Mother Earth as the pure, essential source of answers to treat what ails us and to balance us with a clean perspective.  We opt to avoid cheap, industrial shortcuts artificially contrived in a lab and instead choose minimally processed solutions straight from the earth that can return responsibly back to the earth.  When you care enough, you do things differently.  Please join us in that journey.

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Dice Canada


Not that leftover, melon-happy sadness in plastic cups at your local grocery chain. And definitely not those pop-top tin cans of preservative-rich, bunker fruit for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. The frozen bags in aisle 14? Really? They were fresh only 3 years ago!

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Arc'teryx Factory Outlet 
Toronto Premium Outlets

Located in the Canadian Coast mountain wilderness, Arc’teryx is a technical high-performance outerwear and equipment company with a relentless commitment to design, craftsmanship and performance. Our driving purpose is to create apparel and gear that gives users the confidence to perform at the point of extreme need. Named for ARCHAEOPTERYX LITHOGRAPHICA, the first reptile to take a bold evolutionary leap by developing feathers for flight. Arc’teryx is evolution in action.

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Sylas Snider

A professional athlete and coach from Rebel gym in Sault Ste. Marie. I've travelled around both Canada and the USA competing along the best ninjas in the world while building my name and experience in the sport of Ninja. With competition experience in over 5 and more leagues, I'm doing all I need to develop the sport into something greater for the future of Canada.

More to come!

For sponsorship inquires, please email matt@aspireclimbing.ca for more information.