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Climber on auto-belay at Aspire Climbing Milton Ontario

Milton Plan Your Visit

Rock Climbing and Ninja Warrior is for everyone

We welcome all levels of rock climbers and aspiring ninjas. The wonderful thing about our sports is that anyone can do it. Regardless of age, experience level and ability. We are a place where first time experiences happen alongside competitive training. 

Pre-Visit Checklist

All participants need a waiver form. If you are a parent with a minor, you will also need one since your active supervision and assistance is required. Waivers are good for 2 years. 

Waiver Form

Bring clean, indoor athletic shoes if you plan on using the ninja course. Wet or dirty shoes are not permitted in the facility.

Indoor athletic shoes

Rock climbing shoes are needed for the climbing walls. If you don't have your own, don't worry, you can rent them. Note that bare feet are not allowed so wear socks!

Rock climbing shoes or rentals

What to Expect

First-time visitors

If you are new to our facility, rock climbing and/or ninja warrior, here's what you need to know! ​All of our rates are day passes so you can experience the most during your visit without time limits. You will need to rent climbing shoes for the walls.  Bring a pair of indoor athletic shoes if you want be on the ninja course. We will run you through safety orientations to use the ninja course, auto-belays and bouldering walls.  ​$30 Drop-In Special Includes a day pass, shoe rentals and safety orientations for access to auto-belays, bouldering and ninja.

Family fun at Aspire Climbing Milton Indoor Climbing Gym

Recreational climbers or ninjas

If you're a recreational climber or ninja, you may have already been through safety orientations. If it's been over 12 months or you need a refresher, no problem. We'll provide you with safety orientations. Before arriving, here's what you need to know. ​If you are new to our facility or if it's been over 2 years since filling out a waiver, you'll need to do that first. Complete a waiver form. Decide if you are coming for the day, if you want to visit again at lower rates or if you want to visit more than 3 times a month. We have day passes, 10 visit passes and memberships to choose from. Do you have your own gear? If not, climbing shoes can be rented to use on our climbing walls. Bring your own athletic shoes for the ninja courses.  You need a belay lesson to access more climbing walls? Book a lesson for only $40 which includes a day pass, rentals and the lesson.

Climbers at Aspire Climbing Milton Ontario

Experienced climbers or ninjas

If you are an experienced climber or ninja and have everything you need to get going, ask yourself; are you visiting for the day, you want a deal at visiting again in the future or you plan on visiting regularly? ​We offer day rates, 10 visit passes to save on prepaid visits, and memberships if you plan on visiting frequently.  ​ Our facility offers 11,000sq/ft of climbing walls with auto-belays, top ropes, lead climbing and bouldering of all grade levels. We offer 8-10 new routes and 8-10 new boulder problems each week to keep the walls fresh. Ninja courses are reset each month with regular weekly adjustments based on ninja classes.

Bouldering at Aspire Climbing Milton Ontario
Parking Lot

Important Parking Information

Aspire Milton is situated in a commercial building which shares parking with large transport trucks. Take caution with small children. Avoid being ticked or towed by parking in designated areas. 

Milton FAQ
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