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Ninja Showdown
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League of Ninjas Program Comp

Saturday, June 22nd

Our League of Ninja Showdowns are recreational, friendly, casual competitions where kids get to have fun, compete and ninja!

Our coaches put together a series of obstacles geared toward the various age groups in our League of Ninjas program. This competition is all about celebrating achievements our program participants have made throughout the season and cheering them on as they Beat That Wall!


Ages 5-7

Ages 8-10

Ages 11-14


8:30am: Check-in and warm-up

9:00am: Course walk-through

9:30am - 12pm: It's comp time!

12:15pm to 1:00pm: Awards

Registration Fee:

$20 per participant

Book your spot!

Youth Team Try-Outs

Youth Team Try-Outs

Saturday, June 8th - 2pm to 5pm

We’re on the hunt for dedicated athletes looking to take
their climbing or ninja to the next level.

Our competitive teams train 2-3 times a week under the guidance of our advanced coaches. Our teams compete at the local, provincial, regional and national level and are committed to progression all while having fun!


Our climbing team follows the Ontario Climbing
Federation and Climbing Escalade Canada calendars and our ninja team follows the Canadian Ninja League calendars. Training occurs in a fun, healthy and supportive environment and consists of building strength, endurance, agility, focus and confidence.


Tryout Price: $15 (Per Athlete)
Tryout Price: $0 (Current Team Member)

Questions? Email

Summer Boulder League

Summer Boulder League

Get your sweat on and join our boulder league!  It's a friendly competition where teams climb & progress together.  Beginners can compete alongside more advanced climbers with an equal chance to win!

Registration opens May 1st!

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