Head-to-Head Competition

The Aspire Ninja Showdown Tournament will be the very first ninja tournament-style competition in Canada!

The competition format is simple, 24 registered athletes will be split into four groups of six where they will all go head-to-head to fight for the most points and/or fastest time in their group. The top three athletes in each group will be put into a tournament style bracket, giving them the chance to advance to the finals.


Tournament Format

Out of 24 athletes, only 12 will advance to stage 1 of the tournament. Out of 12 athletes, only 6 will advance to stage 2 of the tournament. Out of 6 athletes, only 3 will advance to the final stage, stage 3. One course throughout all the stages, every stage has 1 added obstacle. 15 Obstacles to start, 16 obstacles in stage 1, 17 obstacles in stage 2, and 18 obstacles in stage 3!

Fierce Competition

Athletes ages 9 and up can register, but keep in mind you will be going into an open division tournament, so expect to see some older/more experienced ninjas registered!
As we always say, the winner will always be the winner...


Registration Now Closed

Competitors are set and ready to go to compete for amazing prizes! Spectators are limited to 2 per competitor. 



On behalf of our community, we thank you for your generous support!


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Obstacle Fitness X Podcast

One of the biggest influences of Ninja in Canada. From beginning the League of Ninjas program inside Aspire, to leading the biggest team of Canadian athletes to the National Ninja World Finals, two years In a row. Matt The Bat is all about commitment and pushing yourself to the best you can be!


Art by Malhotra

Local Resin artist with a huge passion for making memories last a lifetime by creating unique custom jewelry and home decor. Designing and influencing creativity through many different creations including our Aspire Showdown Tournament medals!


The Boxer's Club

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Matt The Bat Productions

One of the biggest influencers of Ninja in Canada. From beginning the League of Ninjas program inside Aspire to leading the biggest team of Canadian athletes to the National Ninja World Finals, two years In a row. Matt The Bat is all about commitment and pushing yourself to the best you can be!