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Paraclimbing Competition

Saturday, November 18th
11am to 2pm

Durham Regions’ first Paraclimbing Competition is coming to Whitby and it will be held on Saturday, November 18th. This is a recreation style friendly competition for adaptive climbers and para athletes.



We welcome adaptive first timers and/or beginner paraclimbers.  If you’ve been thinking about competing or getting into adaptive climbing, this competition is for you! 


We’ve even got training options for you as you gear up and get ready for comp day.  Whether you’ve been to one of our Adaptive Nights or not, you’re welcome to come give it a go and experience the benefits of climbing.


Visual Impairment 

  • B1 - Completely or almost completely blind

  • B2 - Moderately blind 

  • B3 - Legally blind with corrective measures 


Amputee Up 

  •  AU1 - Arm amputees (at shoulder) 

  •  AU2 - Forearm amputee (arm, elbow, wrist)


Amputee Low 

  •  AL2 - Lower limb - No leg at all or prosthetics; and left or right leg missing. 



  •  AL1 -2 legs: no usable muscle function below waist

  • Climbing method utilizes arms only


Neurological Physical Deficient 

  • RP1 - Range of Power: Severe impact - disability affects all body parts severely 

  • RP2 - Range of Power: Moderate impact- disability affects all body parts moderately or impairment of lower limbs creating walking difficulties or one limb severely affected 

  • RP3 - Range of Power: Noticeable impact - is similar to RP2 but on higher level. 


Open Category

  • This category is for those who either do not have an eligible medical diagnosis or do not meet minimal impairment criteria. 



Please reference the classification system on the Canadian Escalade Canada website for further clarification & details


We offer adaptive climbing training sessions leading up to competition day. If interested, please email


Athletes will be scored based on allotted points per hold as well as the number of attempts made.  Each athlete will have 2 attempts per route and each athlete will have 2 routes per category giving competitors lots of opportunity to climb.

If you have any questions, please email us at

All athletes are required to complete a WAIVER in advance to compete. 

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