Durham's climbing and ninja facility. 

Simple Day Rates so you can experience more with every visit.

All of our rates include access to climbing and ninja. Day rates allow offers each guest the flexibility to stay as long they like, without placing time limits. With in-and-out privileges, you can leave for snacks and refreshments to take a break then return for more on the day. 

NOTE: During COVID19, access may differ due to changing health and safety measures.

Day Passes

To qualify for student rates, individuals 18+ require valid student ID. Family rates require 3 or more family members in any combination of parents and/ or siblings. 

Adults $27
Students/Seniors $23
Families $21 Each Person
10-Visit Passes

Save on each visit with 10 pre-paid passes on a Punch Card. Punches do not expire and can be shared with friends and family members. 

Adults $205
Students/Senior $174

Other Gym Members $174

ARE YOU A MEMBER OF ANOTHER CLIMBING GYM? We want to see you back. Show your member ID card and get the discount rate. 

Group Rates

We offer special group rates for schools, scouts, guides, and other organized sports groups. Rates are based on a minimum of 6 participants. We Belay provides fully guided services for auto-belay and top-roped climbing for all ability levels. We Teach How to Belay puts you in the driver's seat. Participants learn how to tie in and belay to access our top-rope climbing walls. More information is provided on our bookings page.

We Belay

Per Participant

We Teach How to Belay  $32 

Per Participant


Rental gear is not included in day pass rates. To enhance your climbing experience, climbing shoes and harness rentals will offer more performance and comfort.

Climbing Shoes - $5
Harness - $5
Chalk Bag - $5
Rental Package - $12
Other Rates
Belay Test FREE
Lead Test $17

All prices are subject to HST and may change without notice.





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